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Eau de toilette, eau de cologne, eau de perfum…what does it all mean?

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Ever bought or received a fragrance as a gift and found one of these labels on the bottle?

Eau de parfum | Eau de toilette | Eau de cologne | Eau fraiche

If you wondered what it meant, you are not alone.


For the longest time, I didn't have the faintest clue what those labels meant.

But recently, though, I decided to do something about my ignorance.

And as it turns out the meaning is so simple.


So, here I am sharing what I learned.


If you thought those names describe the kind of fragrance in your perf. I'm happy to tell you that you are wrong.

They are just a way to tell you the concentration of perfume oil in the product.

Here are the meanings of those strange words.



Perfume means any fragrance that has a 20%+ oil concentration. Interestingly, we refer to all fragrances as perfumes. But it’s only a perfume if it has a 20% concentration of perfume oil or higher. Perfumes have the highest concentration of oil and are therefore the most expensive fragrances. Perfumes last more than six hours and the low alcohol concentration make them ideal for people with sensitive skin.


Eau de Parfum (EDP)

Fragrances with the next highest concentration of perfume oils - 15%-20% - are called Eau de Parfum.  They are naturally not as costly as perfumes and the fragrance typically lasts around five hours.


Eau de Toilette (EDT)

Fragrances in this category have perfume oil concentrations of 5%-15%. There are more products in the market under this category than any other.  That’s because Eau de Toilette is cheaper than perfumes or EDPs. But they last a very short time; typically, 2-3 hours. If you intend to wear this all day long, you should have a small bottle with you, so that you can keep reapplying the fragrance. Eau de toilettes are best as nightwear.


Eau de Cologne (EDC)

These have a fragrance concentration of 2%-4%. It has a very high alcohol content. EDCs are very cheap and often come in bigger bottles. The fragrance will not last beyond 2 hours.


Eau Fraiche

I have never really seen any product with this label. Fragrances in this category have even lower perfume oil concentrations – 1%-3%. Unlike, it has very low alcohol concentration; it is mostly water.


Now you know. The next time you buy a fragrance, you will know exactly what to look for.


Quick side-note

There are other fragrances not included in this list, such as mists, aftershaves, and high-end fragrances. In case you are wondering what category it belongs to, Hausa perfume was not considered during the research.

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