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The best types of shoes to wear to work for women

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Black Pumps

Good for: Business-formal and business-casual office environments. You can’t go wrong with wearing these to meetings. For the best experience, choose shoes with heels less than two inches and slightly rounded toes. Black pumps will go with suits, skirts, and jeans.


Printed & Patterned Heels

Good for: Suitable for most offices but a little less formal than black pumps. Great if you work in a work in a business-casual or smart-casual setting because they let you show a bit of personality.



Good for: Use as all-day wear for the office. Closed-toed versions are better for business-formal offices, although peep-toed and colorful styles can also be worn to the office. The strap at the back of slingback shoes gives it a more secure fit.


Ballet Flats

Good for: Ballets flats are stylish replacements for ladies who prefer not to wear pumps. They are appropriate for corporate or formal office environments. To add some flair to your outfits, wear colorful and patterned versions



Good for: Loafers are comfortable and great to use as all-day wear in the office. They are usually roomier around the toe area than pumps and other work-appropriate shoes. They work equally well with slacks, skirts, and blazers.



Good for: Sandals are for the causal or smart-casual office. Heeled or wedged are usually preferred to flat sandals, though a lot depends on the specific office and occasion. Sandals work best with knee-length skirts and cropped pants.


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