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Does your school or workplace allow dreadlocks?

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I remember about five years ago, I had worked for this Tech startup in Lagos, as a marketing manager. They were trying to build and launch a new online platform at the time and my role was to create a strategy for getting people to sign up and use it.

At the time, I used to wear my hair in a ‘fro’ because since childhood I had always hated cutting my hair. Anyways, after months of working for these guys, we parted ways because I wasn't happy about some ish and sent in my resignation. The next thing I did was go lock my hair; since I had no plans to go look for another job.

Fast forward to one year later, my boss at my former office calls and says he wants me back at the company. I don’t want to go back but he owed me some money that I needed to collect. So when he asks for a meeting I agree but warn him that I had locked my hair.

Long story short, I went to see him and I think he was somewhat shocked by the reality of seeing me wearing dreads. Hearing it on the phone wasn’t the same as actually seeing it. He says he was fine with it as long as I kept it neat and did my job well (which he knew I would).

I tell him my conditions for coming back, one of which was that he makes all outstanding payments. He agreed and in the evening of that day, I get a bank alert for the payment. But weeks after I did not hear from them and still have not heard from them as I write.

Apparently, he talked with his executive team and they had taken issue with employing a guy with “crazy hair” (that’s what my former oga called my hair). Basically, they couldn’t look past my hair to the value I brought to the organization.

But guess what? I was happy they didn’t call; I never really wanted to go back. Just wanted to get the money I was being owed. So, those of you who wear your hair locked, what has been your experience? Have you had problems at school or work because of your hairstyle?

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Posted : 22/10/2021 9:47 am