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The best place to buy Tokunbo designer handbags in Lagos

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If you are new to Lagos or you don't get out often, knowing where to find things can be pretty hard.

In Lagos, you can find almost anything you want if you know where to look.

Even if you have been shopping at a particular market for a long time, there may still be places inside it you don’t know exist.


For lovers and sellers of handbags, I will be listing a few places to buy pre-loved designer bags in Lagos.

Truth is, it’s much harder to find quality second-hand designer stuff today than it used to be.

Many times, traders will try to pass off cheap china-made replicas as authentic items.


That being said, you can still get some quality stuff at a good price if you go to the right places and you are patient.

So here are the best places in Lagos to get Tokunbo designer bags.

If this list is missing anything, please feel free to add it.


Yaba Market, Yaba

First of all, Yaba market is not the same as Tejuosho market. Yaba market is the shops and stalls you find along the railway line at Yaba. The market also extends into the streets adjoining the rail lines and Ojuelegba-Itire Road.

Yaba market used to be almost exclusively dedicated to the sale of “Akube” products until Lagos State government decided to goan spoil it. You can still find quality stuff, though, – in this case designer bags – but you have to really search for them.

The places to get the best stuff in Yaba are in those shops off the main streets. A word of caution, don’t let yourself be misled by those guys who approach you asking what you want to buy. If you need directions, ask someone in a shop and don’t follow anyone who says they can show you the way.


Vespa Market, Ijanikin

Vespa Market is located in Ijanikin, a short drive from Iyana-Iba and Lagos State University (LASU). Actually, it might seem like a long ride because the road has been under construction for more than five years now. This is one of the best second-hand goods markets in Lagos state.

Vespa market sells a combo of new and used goods. You will find a greater variety of goods in the market than in Yaba. But the main problem you will have is locating the right sellers. You should do a fair bit of looking around first; try not to buy from the shops on the main roads

These are mostly resellers. What you want is to find the wholesalers who mostly sell from a packing store tucked inside the market. One way to get good info is if you buy something from a roadside trader or hawker and then ask them to direct you to where you will get what you are looking for.

The best day to go to Vespa market is Monday. Na that day dem dey open bale.


Katangua (or Katangowa) market, Super

This market was recently demolished by the Lagos State Government, with a plan to rebuild it. The good news is the demolitions did not affect the parts of the market where they sell clothes, shoes and handbags. So, the market is still a good place to shop for pre-loved designer handbags.

The days to go to Katangua market are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Those are the days when the traders offload new stock (or as they say “open bale”). For any of the markets listed here, you always want to get there early; before others have a chance to pick off the best stuff.

Note that traders have very little patience on the days they open bale, so you have to make quick decisions. Katangua market is located on Abeokuta expressway, about thirty minutes drive from Ikeja (if go slow nor dey). It is between Ile-Epo and Abule-Egba; just stop at Super bus-stop.


Fiber market, Ebute Oja, Badagry

Of all the markets listed here, this is the only one I have not been to personally. So I will rely on info provided by other people. But by the fact of the market's proximity to Cotonou – a major route for smugglers – you may be sure of getting great stuff here.

The market is part of Badagry Main Market and lies right on the edge of the lagoon. Along with some lovely second-hand bags, you will also find delicious seafood. This is probably the best place to go if you are really keen on getting good stuff at a great price.

But the market is way out of town; on the way to the border between Nigeria and Benin Republic. Like Katangua market, this is not the most beautiful market to shop in. if you choose to visit this market or Katangua market, do not wear your nice clothes or shoes; leave your chic-ness at home.

Posted : 22/10/2021 9:31 am